Our Octocopter drone uses a stabilised Brushless 3-axis gimbal to ensure smooth camera moves, independent of the flight direction of the system, allowing for filming up to 96 frames per second in 5K resolution and 300 fps at 2K when equipped with the RED EPIC camera.The system is operated by a pilot and a camera operator, and can be deployed worldwide.


- 8 motors, 3kg thrust each

- RED Epic-X or Canon C500, 300, Canon 5D MK3, Black Magic Camera , etc.

- carbon fibre frame and propellers

- 55km/h average speed

- 8 minutes flight time

- 5m/s maximal climb rate

- 16mm, 24mm and 36mm zeiss lens options

- 3 axis, full stabilised gimbal

- SD wireless transmission to up to 3 monitors

- Pilot and Operator independent control

- GPS navigation system

- Set Up Time - 30 minutes
- Maximum safe wind speed 12knots




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