- 36FT AirShip with remote ballast control
- Maximum Height - 1km
- The System also offers Prime advertising space above events (attachable banners of 7m X 2m)

- Gyro Stabilised 360 degrees 3-Axis Gimbal (Controlled Separately)

- RED Epic, Canon C300, Canon C500 or Canon 5D MK3

- Max speed - 30km per hour (in low wind conditions)

- Battery Life 60mins to 120mins (Depending on camera pay load and wind conditions)

- Maximum Travel Distance - 3km

- Wireless live Monitoring

- Initial set up time - 3 Hours (location and Recce Dependent)

- This system can be launched from our boat at sea to film oceanic events
- The system can be transported fully inflated via a custom Trailer (at extra cost), cutting down the set up time.
- System can be tethered for long durations - for aerial shots of sporting events, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Kite Surfing etc..


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