Our Octo appears in American Cinematrographer - December Issue

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We are in this issueNearly a year ago DCFilms worked on a short movie called 'Drone', a 3 page write up of the short has just appeared in American Cinematographer (December issue) with photographs showing some of our crew and the Octocopter. 



You can see the online preview here


Set in the near future, DRONE follows one morning in the life of a military Drone Operator, played by EWEN BREMNER (Trainspotting and Black Hawk Down). Drone warfare has now become privatised and he works a 9 to 5 shift for a Drone company called JANA. 

droneOne morning he is called in to do an 'early shift' and carry out a Drone mission on his own for the first time. Alone in the office, whilst he waits for his mission to go live he surfs the internet and plays solitaire like any other bored office worker. But his isolation makes him think for the first time about what he must do and the lethal hellfire missile he has to unleash at the touch of his joy stick on a suspect he's never seen before, thousands of miles away from him - across the other side of the world. Written by Third Man Films