District 1 - Aquadams Project

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Dubaiaerilamedia is currently working with the extremely innovational USA company called AquaDam to help record their milestone progress in the District 1 project.

 District 1 is part of the Meydan Sobha project backed and initiated by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to build an incredible real estate lagoon community.

AquaDams were first developed in the United States around 1985 by David Doolaege who holds a number of worldwide patents for water filled cofferdams. Over time AquaDam and its associated techniques have evolved into a highly effective temporary dam system. AquaDam Inc. have a network of distributors across the USA, Canada and AustraliaWhen fully inflated with water an AquaDam adopts the properties of a semi rigid body with the ability to contour rough and uneven surfaces to form a temporary dam.



b_240_201_0_00_images_1465816042-51dea3.pngThe three principal applications for AquaDam are temporary dams for construction, flood control and water storage.AquaDam comes in a range of sizes for use in water depths from 15cm to 3.3m in standard and bespoke lengths up to a maximum of 100m.b_319_177_0_00_images_banner-1-lg_0.png

Joining collars allow AquaDams to be connected. The longest run of AquaDam to date is in Brandon, Manitoba where two 8km flood barriers run in parallel were installed to keep a road open vital to the commercial life of the city.