VR360° Filming for the Discovery Channel

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Discovery VRDubai Aerial Media had a wonderful time working with a Virtual Reaality team of filmakers from Discovery VR USA for 4 Days shooting in around Abu Dhabi in 360° with our new custom made VR Rigmounted to our Drones.
We greatly enjoyed the technicaly difficult challenges of flying these new camera systems and the client was very happy with the results.

We can't wait to see the awesome 360° footage and will post Images and VR clips soon!uae-70601.jpg


Aerial filming for the Samsung Launch of Note 8 - Guinnes World Record !

b_480_253_0_00_http___www.guinnessworldrecords.com_Images_Largest-LED-structure-daytime_tcm25-497554.jpgDubai Aerial Media was proud to help Samsung Gulf Electronics (UAE) to launch its Galaxy Note8 flagship device by demonstrating its “Do Bigger Things” slogan by setting a Guinness World Records title.

The consumer electronics brand already boasts a number of impressive world records, but for this attempt they chose to create the Largest LED structure.

Samsung recreated the Galaxy Note8 logo using 37,965 sparkling LED lights in Burj Park, Downtown Dubai.b_480_268_0_00_http___www.guinnessworldrecords.com_Images_Largest-LED-structure_tcm25-497003.jpg

Dubai Aerial Media faced a really tight deadline to arrange the aerial permits required for the secretive event and managed to secure special permission from the DCAA and GCAA to fly higher than normally allowed to get the area in frame.  

Oliver Jackson - New Main Partner and Key Pilot

Less than one year ago Oliver Jackson joined Dubaiaerilamedia as a key partner and head pilot.
Oliver was the first ARPAS certified pilot in Dubai from the SANAD Academy.
He is  one of the very few drone pilots to pass all of the increasingly necessary exams.
Due to the continuing developement of regional Drone Law requirements, the majority of Drone pilots in Dubai are now finding that they are not legal to fly outside of Dubai, DCAA airspace..and are not legal or accepted to fly in Abu Dhabi and other emirates controlled by the GCAA.

Oliver is now one of the very few Pilots now legaly allowed to cross over these airpace boundaries, and fly legally in any of the various emirates.

Please contact Us
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

District 1 - Aquadams Project


Dubaiaerilamedia is currently working with the extremely innovational USA company called AquaDam to help record their milestone progress in the District 1 project.

 District 1 is part of the Meydan Sobha project backed and initiated by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to build an incredible real estate lagoon community.

AquaDams were first developed in the United States around 1985 by David Doolaege who holds a number of worldwide patents for water filled cofferdams. Over time AquaDam and its associated techniques have evolved into a highly effective temporary dam system. AquaDam Inc. have a network of distributors across the USA, Canada and AustraliaWhen fully inflated with water an AquaDam adopts the properties of a semi rigid body with the ability to contour rough and uneven surfaces to form a temporary dam.



b_240_201_0_00_images_1465816042-51dea3.pngThe three principal applications for AquaDam are temporary dams for construction, flood control and water storage.AquaDam comes in a range of sizes for use in water depths from 15cm to 3.3m in standard and bespoke lengths up to a maximum of 100m.b_319_177_0_00_images_banner-1-lg_0.png

Joining collars allow AquaDams to be connected. The longest run of AquaDam to date is in Brandon, Manitoba where two 8km flood barriers run in parallel were installed to keep a road open vital to the commercial life of the city.

New Ooredoo TVC

Dubai Aerial Media was hired to shoot the new Ooredoo TVC in Quatar.
The storybaoard required a lot of James Bond style action shots, the drone was piloted at speed to chase an Off-Road Racecar and a Motorbike in the Desert , a SpeedBoat down Venice style canals, and shoot through low level walkways in the city.

Live Broadcast from Heritage Village

Dubai Aerial Media is working with Abu Dhabi Media to showcase the spectacular show from our drones at the Heritage Village in Al Whatba, Abu Dhabi

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 7.22.37 PM

Live Broadcast - Horse Endurance Racing

Dubia Aerial Media is live broadcasting from drones for Abu Dhabi Media in Al Whatba every weekend until the end of the season.
The drone is flown from a moving car sometimes reaching speeds of 80 kmph and over very rough terrain.
It's pure adrenaline !

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 7.24.45 PM


Our work in Emirates/Boeing Drone Project - ‘View from Above’

Emirates Airline and Boeing joined hands for one of the largest ever aerial filming projects conducted using drones.
‘View from Above’ covers 18 destinations across five continents
The video allows visitors to spin a virtual globe to watch stunning footage of these cities, captured from the skies.
Some of the footage from DubaiAerialMedia was chosen to showcase Dubai.


Live Streaming from our Drone for TV Show

We recently worked on the Dubai TV Show 'The Victorious ' - Our Drone was used to Live Stream its images for TV Broadcast

The New Audi TT Launch

The new Audi TT Coupé arrives in the Middle East with a daring stunt at Skydive Dubai

We flew to an altitude of just over 500 metres to get the Night Shot of the Skyscrapers

 dubai skyline marina

We have the Ronin Gimbal in Dubai

We are proud to be one of the first companies in Dubai to be able to offer the incredibly versatile Ronin Gimbal.

Please contact us for rental rates.

ronin gimbal in dubai


Our Octocopter on new Bollywood Feature Films

Dubai Aerial Media has recently worked on 2 Feature Films in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Using our new heavy lift X8 Octocopter with a 3 axis gyro stabilized gimbal we filmed action sequences at 6K carrying the Red Epic Carbon Fiber Dragon and PL mount Lenses.
Our Crew are currently on a Recce in India to prepare and start on a 3rd Feature in December.

Bang Bang (2014)Bang Bang is an upcoming Hindi action thriller film directed by Siddharth Raj Anand. The film features Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. Bang Bang is being produced by Fox Star Studios
It is the first Bollywood film to be shot and co-produced in Abu Dhabi

Octocopter on Happy New Year (2014)Happy New Year is an upcoming 2014 Bollywood action comedy-drama film directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment. The film has an ensemble cast which includes, shahrukh khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sarah Jane Dias, Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah, Sonu Sood and Jackie Shroff.

Nike Football: Winner Stays DXB

Our recent work for a High Energy TVC  for Nike


Production: FilmWorks
Pilot : Bango
Operator : Leo

Mobily - Stadium Shot at 750 Metres

We were recently asked to fly over Dubai International Stadium to get a special plate shot ( see end of the TVC )
The Octocopter reached a height of 750 metres and flew the Red Epic Carbon Fibre Dragon with a PL Mount Lens.

The footage was shot at 6K to get the best resolution possible for post prodiuction.

 Pilot - Bango
Operator - Saul
Production - FilmMaster

web midweb top





2014 The All New Lexus GX - Aim Higher

Pilot : Bango
Operator : Leo Bund
Production : FilmWorks

We go Imax 3d and make History

The Benchmark at the moment for any professional UAV aerial team is can you lift a Red Epic?
We have just created the world's first 3D UAV system and gimbal to fly not 1, but 2 at the same time!
3D experts in the UK rigorously tested it - it has shot 1 film already - we have been awarded the contract to film a further 4 Imax 3D films.
Our Press Release to come, here are some previews of the worlds first Dual Epic 3D Imax Gimbal.




Our CableCam on Ikea TVC

Our CableCam was recently used for an IKEA TVC, no other equipment was able to travel so gyro stabilised and smoothly through the wooded environement.


Drones for Real Estate & Super Yachts

An informative film of how the US estate agents and realtors are using drones to photograph high end properties, combined with our real estate & super yachts Showreel.

Aerial work for Jumeirah Property Group

Some outatkes from our shoot at the Jumeirah Beach Residence - The Walk

Footage is untabilized and ungraded

Our Octocopter shoooting for KAEC - Saudi Arabia

We were recently approached to shoot aerials for the King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia.
The following is an example - the footage is unstabilized and ungraded.

Our Octocopter shoots 6K on a Red Dragon

Both the Octocopter and CableCam were recently used for a Samsung TVC shot in Austria. The Octocopter carried the new 6k Red Dragon in extremely cold conditions with great success.

Making Of

Our Octo appears in American Cinematrographer - December Issue

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We are in this issueNearly a year ago DCFilms worked on a short movie called 'Drone', a 3 page write up of the short has just appeared in American Cinematographer (December issue) with photographs showing some of our crew and the Octocopter. 



You can see the online preview here


Set in the near future, DRONE follows one morning in the life of a military Drone Operator, played by EWEN BREMNER (Trainspotting and Black Hawk Down). Drone warfare has now become privatised and he works a 9 to 5 shift for a Drone company called JANA. 

droneOne morning he is called in to do an 'early shift' and carry out a Drone mission on his own for the first time. Alone in the office, whilst he waits for his mission to go live he surfs the internet and plays solitaire like any other bored office worker. But his isolation makes him think for the first time about what he must do and the lethal hellfire missile he has to unleash at the touch of his joy stick on a suspect he's never seen before, thousands of miles away from him - across the other side of the world. Written by Third Man Films

Chevrolet Silverado

DAM recently worked with FilmMaster in Dubai for the TVC for the Chevrolet Silverado.
The footage we achieved has firmly proved that our UAVs can not only work in extreme heat and desert conditions but also get shots that no other filming tool can.

This footage is Unngraded and Unstabilized

Pilot: Bango
Operator: Jonas
UAV: Hexacopter and Lumix GH3
Client: FilmMaster